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Can't Fake Soul

Bourbon Hills BBQ Trailer

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About Us
Bourbon Hills BBQ & Outdoors. Established January of 2021. Smithville, WV.

We began by simply throwing up social media pictures of our beautifully smoked meats and our outdoors adventures. Occasionally we'd cater smaller events for friends and family. Things got real, real fast in the summer of 2021. 
We arrived at the WV State Folk Festival in Glenville, WV to sell BBQ for our very first pop up. We were ready to do the dang thing. Actually we were just hoping a few people would give us a shot.  Being the new kids on the block surrounded by plenty of established vendors. Long story short, we crushed it. But still didn't have much of a clue on how to run a business. 
We continued to do pop ups like this throughout the region alongside catering events of all sizes. With each event, the quality of our food and overall 
operations improved. Heck, that's still the model.
Fast forward to December of 2022.
Bourbon Hills BBQ Trailer. Located at the Sleep Inn Ellenboro in Ellenboro, WV. Open Thursdays & Fridays.
Gaining a semi permanent location changed the game. Open just 2 days per week, we have created what has been called a "cult like following." It's a vibe, to put it into a modern saying. Country rock & roll blasting, smoke in the air and stories being shared. Oh yeah, and some damn good BBQ, sides and even dessert now. 
Here we sit in 2024 after 1 full year of the BH BBQ Trailer. It's only gotten bigger and better. Snow, rain, hot, perfect.. we do not stop and neither do our customers. Open just about every Thursday & Friday with the same great customers we earned from the jump and gaining plenty along the way. We've had dozens tell us they've drove from hours away just to try us. The community support has been nothing short of great, we could not be more grateful. With the trailer, catering and occasional pop ups at public events, we haven't stopped, and will not stop. We love this stuff. The compliments, social media shares and overall kindness we receive will never get old. Greatness is not owned. It is rented, and we're here to pay the rent with every single 12 hour cook. You can't fake soul, and you taste that with Bourbon Hills BBQ. We'll see you soon. 

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