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Who We Are

We’ve been running through these Appalachian hills for as long as you can imagine. We take pride in living this life the way it’s supposed to be done. At BH, our goals are to create the best craft BBQ around, showcase what we do in the outdoors world, provide insight on the wild game we cook and bring great people together.The father of BH, Sam Hall, has been at it for awhile now too. From spending weekends making roads to access roads to smoking 100lbs of pork butt for the best parties around.Oldest son, Sammy Hall, former D1 football player is all in on the BBQ and has went all in on hunting over the past few years as well. There’s some rivalry between Sam and Sammy on who’s got the best BBQ, but we’ll leave that up to you all to decide.Youngest son, Freddy Hall, the king of the outdoors for BH. With tireless work on food plots and precise placement of tree stands, his efforts are a major factor in the habitat improvement and overall hunting success we’ve been having. He catches some pretty big fish and traps a lot of coyotes too.Vanessa, the mother of BH, is the oil in the engine that keeps the train rolling. She is the mastermind of our beloved smoked chicken salad sandwich and concocts many of our side dishes before they hit the smoker. She also keeps us straight while we’re at our gigs so things don’t get too rowdy. Finally, as you can imagine, it takes a small army to operate what we do. We are fortunate to have great friends who help us around the clock when we’re BBQ’ing at events. None of this would be possible without that support.

Festivals, Events and Catering 

In 2021, we hit the road BBQ’ing at festivals, fairs and private events. We love what we do, and love bringing people together around our uniquely smoked food and cold drinks. We embrace tradition, but take pride in being on the cutting edge of everything in the BBQ world. 

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